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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teen Media Students go to Wild Care in San Rafael

Ms. Bruno's class from Tamalpais High School recently visited Wild Care in San Rafael. Wild Care is a hospital for sick and injured birds and other wild animals.  The students were fortunate enough to see Wild Care's staff feed a white pelican, a brown pelican, a courmorant, and several other birds (pictured above). They also saw the emergency room and medical facilities where animals are treated.

Students had the opportunity to speak with Wild Care Education Director Juan-Carlos Solis about the many outreach programs the organization provides. The students were excited to learn how powerful Tamalpais High School mascot the red tail hawk is! Mr. Solis also taught the group about rattle snakes and how they behave in the wild.

Vegan Activist Patti Brietman Visits Teen Media Students at Tamalpais High School

Vegan Activist Patti Brietman joined students to talk about the many different ways that eating a more vegetable based diet is more healthy for the environment and for their bodies. Patti shared her knowledge about the abuse animals endure on big farms, how methane gas produced by cows impacts climate change, and how a vegan diet can be very satisfying when done correctly.

You can learn more about vegan lifestyles at or by visiting

The students enjoyed vegan brownies and also learned about social media and blogging.