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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is Our Energy Killing the Earth?
Quinn Maynard, EarthScope Intern (Tam High)
April 6, 2017

Solar power systems get pure, clean energy from the sun and costs less annually than utility energy and reduces fossil fuel being produced. Also this little change can make the CO2 emissions on our earth go down. So why isn't anyone switching to solar? This little change could help our planet for the better.
“Is it a job killer? Is renewable energy a job killer? Sorry, but solar jobs have been growing 12x faster than the average workforce in the United States...and solar now employs, its actually closer to 4x as many people in the US as coal. 270,000 jobs across the US are at solar, another 150,000 in wind power.” This is David Kunhardt, the CEO of the Sol-Ed Benefit Corporation. He came to us to talk about the benefits of solar energy and how coal makes no sense and the health hazards of fossil fuels.
“It took the globe over 20 years to really come together and have an affected action on greenhouse gases. Scientists have known this problem for that full period of time,  but for the first time the UN is able to do something about it.” The time that Obama and the President of China came together to do something about this problem sparked a reaction. Other nations realized that if these people from some of the most polluted places on earth are doing something about it, them maybe we should too. Then the Paris Agreement was put in place and signed by 195 countries which is an agreement that is going to help try and stop global warming. They’re all doing serious things to help stop this like China said they were going to stop 100 coal plant plans and start focusing on solar and wind power.
David goes on about this issue and goes into detail on the greenhouse gas effect. The greenhouse gas effect is when greenhouse gases, like Carbon Dioxide, form a sort of blanket around our earth. This blanket absorbs IR radiation, preventing it from going back into outer space. That means this radiation and heat is being trapped here, on earth, and is gradually increasing. This is causing our home to slowly heat up. All these greenhouse gases that are being created by coal and other resources that create CO2 emissions. This is another reason why solar is the better choice. It doesn't create CO2. So if more people make the switch, we could save our home.
“We are pumping more and more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, heating up the planet by the means of global warming. If this is to continue without the transition to clean energy, Earth will end up like Venus.” If we don't do something about this problem, our species and all the other species won't be able to live on earth for as long as we hoped. What can we do now to help? Well, we can switch to solar energy or just spread the word about this topic. You can also learn more at We can do more to help our dying planet and home.

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