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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Future Of Our Planet Is Dependent On Today: Talking Climate Change & Clean Energy with David Kunhardt

By Ryan Maple, EarthScope Intern (Tam High)

April 6, 2017

Image result for david kunhardtEverything was green on the day we were able to meet solar and climate change expert, David Kunhardt. His presentation included many points, coming to the conclusion that clean energy ways provide more jobs, are better for the environment and the prices are dropping day by day. David was very involved in his case, as he acknowledged the lack of education regarding clean energy around the country, as “marin county is its own bubble, basically our own nation.” His views on the environment were clear, that we need to act now, before our problems get any worse.
David, CEO of SolEd in San Rafael, believes that with the rising knowledge of environmental risks and health issues with coal and gas power, we will be able to strive towards more healthy energy that is good for the environment and our people, such as solar, wind and hydropower (water). These different ways of clean energy are more expensive in some parts, “but solar in specific has nearly “dropped more half the cost as it used to, in everything from panel cost to installation,” a direct quote from David himself.
David has been working at this idea for a long time, finding ways to make clean energy an overall better option when it comes to reliability, installation and not taking too much from your wallet. David is a believer in this idea, and works extremely hard everyday so everybody can have eco-friendly and affordable energy.
David explains more on climate change and global warming, particularly when he explains the “greenhouse gas effect,” the cause of our fossil fuels, coal and gas energy, and what toll they are taking on our atmosphere and planet. As a planet, David says “We are pumping more and more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, heating up the planet by the means of global warming. If this is to continue without the transition to clean energy, Earth will end up like Venus.” If you did not know, Venus’ atmosphere is all Carbon Dioxide, and what Earth’s atmosphere would look like as well if we do not act. Venus’ conditions include total cloud coverage and rain all the time, which is what we here in Northern California as of recent with the exponential amounts of rainfall compared to the little none we had during the dry years from 2013-2016. All of these greenhouse gas effect “symptoms” have caused a drastic climate change and what we are experiencing now. Extremes. Either too hot, or unbearably cold. This is the cause of climate change, caused by the greenhouse gas effect, and we will end up terribly if we do not stop now.
David Kunhardt really brought the ideas of climate change and acting on environmental issues in front of me. As he said, we could end up like Venus, which would be a catastrophe. He brought to my attention also how the fossil fuel industries are afraid of solar, and the government will only break their ties with said industries if solar is the clear choice, which is what David strives for. In this world, we need more people like David Kunhardt, who educate us and explain to us the truth of what is happening in the modern world, and how we can act upon that truth.

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